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Most seniors at retirement will live for another 20–30 years? How will you live those decades of your life? Grow ’n’ Go is a ministry designed to help you grow strong so you can go and serve Jesus with a healthy, long, and productive life.

  1. GROW
    Every Thursday, 10:30am, at Grace Bible Church Kahului.

  2. Go
    Serve in outreaches led by or available to seniors.

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Our society’s paradigm:

  • Seniors have exhausted their productivity and younger leaders need to fill their roles.

  • They should focus on personal enjoyment since their productivity has ended.

  • They should comfortably await the day of their exit from this life.

  • ...but this is a lie!

The truth about seniors:

  • They have greater resources than their younger counterparts in time, wisdom, finances, and experience.

  • They will live another few decades so they can embark on another career.

  • They have the most to contribute to the young generation seeking mentors in their lives.

  • They can initiate, lead, and support new arenas of church and community service.

  • They can encourage other seniors that are confined and isolated.


"The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree… Those… planted in the house of the Lord… They shall still bear fruit in old age, they shall be fresh and flourishing."

—Psalms 94:12–14

Grow 'n' Go Senior Ministry Grace Bible Church Maui
Grow 'n' Go Senior Ministry Grace Bible Church Maui

Role models:

  • Ronald Reagan: at 72 assumed the role of the President of the United States.

  • Donald Trump: Became US President at 70 years old.

  • Colonel Sanders: At 65 began the KFC global chicken fast food company

  • Jimmy Carter: Former president is still engaged in social action efforts at the age of 92

  • Abraham: God called him to begin a nation when he was 75

  • Moses: Led the nation of Israel our of slavery to Egypt when he was 80

  • Caleb and Joshua: Both were 80+ years old when they lead the conquest of Canaan for Israel

Grow 'n' Go Senior Ministry Grace Bible Church Maui
Grow 'n' Go Senior Ministry Grace Bible Church Maui

What participants are saying:

“Wisdom and insight from the Word.”
Gay Wetter

“A good time to worship and learn about the Lord.”
Saby Matsushita

“Bible study is so insightful and revealing of how amazing God is and how much He values and loves us.”
Doug Ige

“New paradigm on retirement, what is God’s plan for the rest of my life; the next 40 years from 70 to 110?”
Myles Kawakami

“In-depth Bible study; gleaning nuggets of truth from the Word of God… gather together with like minded people in fellowship.”
Kathie Mundy


If you would like to get involved with Grow 'n' Go, please contact the church.